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Marantz S4 Lens Problem - Size Does Matter


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Guys would somebody be kind enough to help me out. I have just bought a Marantz S4 from a private seller on eBay. It was advertised as brand new and boxed with only 24 hours on the bulb. The lens surround says 30.7-44.5 mm which as far as I know is a medium throw lens.

My problem is I can only get a 70" diagonal focused image with a 160" throw. From the throw table I should get a 92" diagonal image from 140"-200". Is it possible that my unit has had a long throw lens retrofitted?

Marantz UK's service agent, NSS Limited, initially told me a new medium throw lens would cost £1,000 plus £150 fitting. They rang up today to say the lens' aren't interchangeable. The only comments related to that I have found on forums support that. The Marantz UK Product Manager, Daniel Rose, wonders if the lens might have been mounted or fitted incorrectly. I don't qualify for the Marantz 3 year warranty because the unit is imported so I'm up a gum tree.

From the outside of the box it looks like the S4 was originally shipped from Marantz BV in Holland. This probably means it's calibrated out of the box for porn and the pinks are spot on but do you think I will qualify for European warranty cover?

I have checked the display menu for adjusting the image size but it's at it's maximum setting on the height and width adjustment. Am I missing some other adjustable parameter for image enlargement? Does the 30.7 - 44.5 mm lens surround notation mean it is definitely the medium throw lens? Or has the curse of eBay struck again?

The 70" image is jaw dropping but if I've got to fill my 92" screen. I contacted Navitar today about their Screenstar 25% and 50% lens extenders but they aren't sure if they are compatible with the S4. They said I'd have to buy one a sale or return basis and check it. George The Tortoise, my S4, is going in for a once over this Saturday at a Marantz UK service agent.

If any fellow owners, installers, or enthusiasts could offer me any advise I'd be very grateful. This is driving me nuts.


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I have an S1 with standard lens.

The lens says 26.5 - 30.7mm

I get a 69" diagonal from a 96" throw if thats ne help.....


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Thanks for the reply. It does help. I think the S1-3 model had short and long throw lens options only. As far as I know the medium throw lens was introduced on the S4 to give installers more flexibility. Yours sounds like it's a short throw lens. It has a narrower mm range and lower mm start and end point on the lens surround. This would suggest that mine has got to be the medium throw lens. It has a wider mm range and a higher mm starting point suggesting a wider and longer throw range. I'm hoping I have got a medium throw lens because Marantz are more likely to be able to help me then.


AkaCampbell, I'm trying to contact you in the FS forum.
Could you please answer me there?

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