marantz rc500i help?



ive had lots of help with programming my remote, but being thick as sh** when it comes to this ccf down loading stuff.
i`m more confused than when i started.

is there anyone / anywhere i can send my remote with a list of my equipment and they down load and program it for me.

i have had it nearly 18 months but i usally use the learn and label way of using it.

anyway my list of kit

toshiba 42wp16/panny 4 series clone
arcam dv88+
denon 3803
iscan ultra
sky+ soon

not wanting macros or delays just all my controls on one control

woulld like it laid out as in most used buttons on one page ie sky+ buttons and volume
then all the rest under there names ie. dvd /amp/iscan.

if someone knows of a place / person please let me know ;) ;) ;)

if someone know what they are doinf with these things and are happy/ confident to do this then i`m happy to pay all postage and some beer money for your time
The easiest way I found to do this was to down load the graphics for the remotes in question then just learn each button on all the remotes, time consuming but it works
Half the problem with the Pronto/RC5000i is that whilst they're great all-in-one remotes,the programming software is appalling,and very badly put together,with virtually no online help.
I assume you've trawled round for ccf's etc.
That site is actually very helpful both for advice and full ccf's etc.
Another problem comes when you download ccf's and then attempt to use them with your own remote,you have to merge them with your current files rather than overwrite them....I made that mistake a few times!

Always also make a backup of your current ccfs before editing and saving the rest....sorry I can't be of any help in finding a site that will do the work for you!
i havent got as far as downloading ccf i give trying after a while. not that good with this stuff.

cheers for advice

anyone else

As I've already stated, one of the difficulties is that without owning the actual kit it is very difficult for anyone to create, and more importantly, test and tweak the resultant ccf.

My offer still stands that if you want me to create a basic ccf containing the device panels for you to then load, tweak and create the macros just lmk.

cheers guys i think i might just use the point and learn way.

cant get it to learn a few of the hard buttons on the denon though?

how do you get the ccf files on to remote from rc5000i setup software.
Link does not work.

Connect the remote to the pc using the supplied cable, setup the connection, and then click the download button. Couldn't be easier really.

Surprised you didn't take me up on my offer but that's your perogative. Would have been easy as I'm also in cardiff, but so be it :(
would love to take you up on your offer mate, just trying to work it out.

i have connected the cable and can delete stuff on the pc then it delete`s it of remote.

my question is how do i get ccf to this setup screen then download them to remote.

where is down load button?
how would you get ccf to me? by email ?

cheers again


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Open your downloaded CCF by choosing File, Open. Make the required changes (add, change, move, delete, learn codes, etc).

Then, if you look on the toolbar you will see the third icon from the right (I think but the image you posted is pretty poor) is a picture of a Pronto with a yello arrow pointing into it. It may be the greyed out 4th button and the reason it will be greyed out is because you have not connected the remote and set it up to use the correct serial port. Hover you moiuse over this icon and you should see it will show 'Download to pronto'. Click this button.

You really should open your eyes and look a bit harder at what's on your screen :)

BTW, if you delete things from the edit software it does not delete these items from the remote until you download the ccf to the remote.

was up all night playing/kicking the remote.

i downloaded i think file for plasma and ntl and denon

and can uploaded them on there own to remote:D :D :D
but they not all there together?

and my home page has gone

how can i create a home page that says


the one press of this button takes you to that page , would like it to stay on (sky+ tomorrow) as the page from startup.

cheers guys

does anyone know a richard howell?
Well, I'm afraid you've lost me altogether now. If your CCF contains devices (with panels) for all your kit then when you upload that ccf to the remote they WILL all be there. IT is impossible for it to only upload certain devices from the ccf.

How the devices/panels associate with one another is simply down to how you have programmed it. i.e. what IR codes and what jumps you have associated with the burrons.

To create the home page with macros you simply create the page with the relevant icons (Watch Sky, Watch DVD etc), create the relevant aliases to the buttons so as to form a macro (i.e. create a list of IR aliases with suitable delays between) for each button. Set the relevant 'jump' after the aliases so when it has finished sending the codes it then jumps to the required page.

Any burtton should quite simply have a list of commands that you tell it what to do.

When pressed....send this code....wait this long....send this code...then jump to this page.

That's all there is to it. I reckon, in your mind, you're making it harder than it really is :)
where can i find ccf files if there not on remote central?

iscan ultra?
arcam dv88+
denon 3803
got the plasma one and its working:D
CCFs for 3803 and iScan Ultra are on RemoteCentral. As to the DV88+ I'm sure the DV88 is almost identical in remote terms.

This is my last post in this thread cos I'm sure you're not even trying now :)
Messiah... Are you sure you know what you're letting yourself in for..? ;)

cant find the iscan ultra though, the one i found on there is for another remote and wont let me upload it to rc5000i

cheers for all ya help anyway guys.
It is under Silicon Image. Doh!!!

I don't understand why you keep saying it won't let you upload certain devices/ccfs.

You can only have one CCF on the remote at any one time so you have to merge all the devices from the different CCFs into a single CCF and then upload the one that is created with all the correct devices for your kit.
thats the one that wont let me upload it

cheers anyway guys

its only a few buttons i will learn and label them
It's for a colour RC9200, so you'll have to import the device into your black and white CCF, accept the colour downconversion and then integrate into your CCF.
Originally posted by Messiah
CCFs for 3803 and iScan Ultra are on RemoteCentral. As to the DV88+ I'm sure the DV88 is almost identical in remote terms.

This is my last post in this thread cos I'm sure you're not even trying now :)

He's also requested help at RC. Did offer my services (and copies of CCF's for the 3803 and DV88), but I think he seems to like you more.

got most working now thanks for all your help

only thing i`m stuck on is sky+ have down loaded and uploaded to remote, but i cant work out how to use the hard buttons for channel up and down, cant even get them to learn and label?

would appreciate your help on this one

Do you have soft buttons working correctly for Channel Up and Down? If so then simply create a link for the side buttons to the soft buttons. If not, they work just like any others so no idea why you cannot get them labelled and learned.

Happy to send you my Sky+ device (ccf) if you wish.

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