Marantz RC2000



Can anyone help me with this?
I have an RC2000 remote that works perfectly, but my baby managed to get het greasy little mitts on it and slobbered all over it, since then the backlight stays on most of the time, which totally eats the batteries.
Any advice on how to sort this problem would be great.
Hi Beth - know where you're coming from - my daughter loves my RC2000 too - it must be the lights!

If the light's on the whole time, is it possible that the backlight switch on the side is jammed on? Try repeatedly pressing it in to try freeing it. Or if it's still damp inside from slobber, that could be activating the switch, so try placing the whole unit (minus batteries) in a warm (not hot!) place to dry out.

Alternatively, if the backlight timeout has somehow changed and it stays on for a long time after pressing a button - you can change this - I forget how, check the manual for details.

Must admit that the battery drain on these things is a real bugger. I use an alkaline battery recharger unit on mine which helps on battery costs considerably. Might try some high-capacity (1800mAh) Ni-MHs as well to see how well they work.

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