Marantz RC-5 remote connections


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My SR4200 receiver has an 'RC-5' remote control socket (really just a normal phono socket) and my Marantz CD player also has similar remote control input (and output) sockets. They're both coloured orange.

The SR4200 manual says it "allows system remote control to operate". Does anyone know what this does?

The SR4200 comes with a universal remote which controls my CD player just fine. I connected up the RC-5 sockets with a phono lead but this didn't make any difference (I don't really know what difference it could make!).

Anyone else used these remote connections and know what they do?



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I think you might find it comes in handy if you had some of the kit mounted out of sight.

Lets say you had the CD tucked away in a cupboard, it would be a pain to open the door every time you want to skip tracks. My understanding is that with this, the remote control commands can be passed along to other components that aren't in line of sight of the remote.

Some other companies offer similar options, although this only benefits you if you go down the "one make" route.

Thinking about it, it might also allow the components to "co-operate". For example, when you start playing a CD, the receiver might get switched to it's CD input(s) so you can hear the music.

Let us know what you find!

PS. If each piece of equipment has an input & an output socket, make sure that they're all in use. EG. Output from 4200 to input on CD, then output from CD to input on 4200. I would guess this allows commands to go in either direction by using 2 phono cables. I would also check the manual to see what it recommends on how to connect kit with these connections.


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I played around a bit and this is what I've discovered:

With the cable connected ('out' on amp to 'in' on CD player)

If I obsucre the IR receiver on the CD player then the CDPs own remote still works, but if I obscure the IR receiver on the amp (and not the CD player) then neither the amp remote, nor the CDPs own remote work. So connecting the cable disables the remote receiver on the CD player and remote commands for it, whether from the amp's remote or the CDP's own remote have to be received by the amp's receiver and are then sent to the CD player via the cable.

Both have 'in' and 'out' connections but the manual suggests that devices are daisy chained. I guess whichever device doesn't have a connection to 'in' (the amp in my case) serves as the 'master' device and all other remote receivers are disabled.

OK - doesn't really make any difference to me but interesting to know what it does!


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