Marantz PM7005 and USB-B for Lossless Apple Music or the like


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My Marantz PM7005 has a USB-B connection that is described as processing a DSD signal or 192 kHz/24 bit PCM signal from a Mac or PC. I've never used it, but now with Apple Lossless, if I buy a quality USB-B to USB-C can I connect my computer or iPad and play true Apple Lossless? Seems like a no brainer, which makes me believe it's probably not possible.


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Yes, I have an iPad Air 2 connected to my Rotel A14 via the camera kit. It connects to the USB- B input. You may need to use the

USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.​

It sounds amazing by the way. Better then my CD 14 with quality mastered cd’s.


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Connecting an iPad Air 2 through its lightning port to the usb port (iphone compatible) of my receiver using the cable originally provided by Apple is the correct way, or should I necessarily use the "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter" to get Hi-Res audio up to 24bit /192kHz on my receiver (Yamaha)?

Since the receiver doesn't show signal information (it only says "PCM signal") I have no measurable way of knowing for sure.

Does the "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter" add any funcionality or compatibility to the iPad output signal or is it just an adapter to get a female USB port?


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Let me know if you notice a difference between the 'hi-res' signal and the result airplay 2 functionality.


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My understaning is that USB has a master-slave orientation and the camera adapter reverses it.

If that doesn't work, you can buy a Wiim mini and it will provide you with Airplay functionality, amongst other things.

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