Marantz PM68 right channel problem


Hi everyone. This is my first post here so sorry if I'm posting in a wrong place. I didn't find any "problems" sub.
I have a problem with my trusty Marantz PM-68 which I use now in a secondary system through DAC connected to PC in my office. I've been getting problems with right channel getting quieter and overall sound degrading in last few weeks with slightly crackling/hissing sound in both channels. First it would work normally for some time, and then just go very quiet on the right channel, but still audible. Now the right channel is almost always very quiet, and there is always some barely noticeable crackling and hissing on both channels.

The source is tested and fine. I tried it with other amp and headphones. The speakers are tested and fine, and I also tried with other speakers. The cables are tested and fine. It must be something with the amp. Unfortuantely this is where my electronic "expertise" ends.

Here comes the weird part;
By using "source direct", all problems immediately disappear and the sound is as good as when device was new. And it stays like that as long "source direct" is selected. It even sometimes works fine without "source direct" when switched off, but eventually problems come back.

To be honest, this amp really served it's purpose for more than 20 years, and since it is nothing special in regards of audio fidelity, I don't plan to invest much in it. But I really do miss the bass/treble/balance controls, so I wonder if I could fix the sound problems sans "source direct" mode in a cost effective way?


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