Marantz PM 7200 & Marantz SR7500


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May 25, 2005
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Hi all,

Currently i am using marantz dv-6500 and marantz sr7500 to drive mordauntshort avant 906, thinking of buying a stereo amp for music.

is pm7200 have much better stereo performance then sr7500?how much better? :confused:

or is there other alternative to improve the stereo performance? :rolleyes:
I cannot speak from personal experience as I do not have any of these units, but it seems that the general consensus is that a decent stereo amp will always outperform an HT amp in stereo terms.
I've not heard the stereo performance of the SR7500, but I do own the PM7200 and love it. Very powerful dynamic sound, and has no problem driving my big Mission 775's. For the money I think it's a bargain.

I would also suggest an upgrade to a dedicated CD player may also improve the stereo performance.
thanks for the info.i went down to test on the PM7200 with cd5400ose.They dont have my speaker so they use roger speaker(forgot what model is that,but is a floorstand).i quite like the sound and is definately sounds better than my sr7500.They are selling PM7200 at SGD590.

They also give me some other alternative like nad 352ct at SGD660 and cambrigde audio 640A at SDG650.What they told me is both these brand are better than PM7200,but i dont have time to audit them because was in a hurry.

Think i will test them again before i decide, what do you think?
I haven't heard the Nad, but I have heard the Cambridge Audio and was impressed with this also. Sounds slightly different than the Marantz, as you'd expect, but I'd be hard pressed to say whether it was much better or much worse.

The trouble is, it always pays to demo stuff, as you know the sound you like.
I would suggest trying to find a dealer who would lend you both the Marantz and the Cambridge to take home annd try with your kit. A good dealer should allow you to do this.
the problem is i hardly can find a good dealer in my country,or i should say none of them can lend their kit back home for testing.some even say that testing is not required,as the sound that you will get is the price that you pay,you pay more,you get better performance.moreover,most of the dealer only will entertaine customer that willing to pay more,as in customer that are buying high end stuff......

anyway,i will try out the nad and cambrigde audio 1st.for what i know is, both nad and marantz are production in china, cambrigde audio production in UK, m i right?

for mi, i can get equipment that from china cheaper than those is U.K. the only thing that i m affraid is the quality for those production in china.........anyone come across this?
Cambridge kits are designed in the UK but made in China I think.

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