Marantz or Denon what is the difference?


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Hi guys! I am assembling a HI-FI system, because I got speakers from Klipsch for a very good price, I choose a receiver and in this post Best 9.2 Receiver Reviews of 2021 [Amazing AV Features] tell you about different models of Denon and Marantz, as I understand this is the top among receivers, I also read on the Internet that this is one and the same the same company, but the prices are different, how do they differ from each other fundamentally? Which one do you recommend to choose?


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Some will be along to give a more in depth answer.

The quick answer is they are the same company but they use different components

The Marantz is supposed to be more musical, so if that is of no interest go for the Denon as the Marantz will cost more


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Same company however marantz frequency response is not flat. Also marantz hdam introduces distortion.

Since you have klipsch which are known to be forward/hard, I'd go for warmer sounding marantz. Denon apparently brighter sound.

Best to try a couple of aves in your system unless buying blind

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As above, I find that Marantz and Denon sound very similar for movies / tv, but for 2 channel music, the Marantz is better. However, I wouldn't recommend a Marantz AVR as the main amplifier to use for enjoying 2 channel music, it's okay as background though.

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