Marantz NR1771 no Atmos from UHD Player?


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I've recently bought a Panasonic UB154 to start off by 4k blu-ray habit, however when playing a Atmos film, my receiver (Marantz NR1711) is only giving me the option of Dolby True HD plus the upmixers etc. I've tried it with a few discs now and it's the same.

The Panasonic is set to bitstream with secondary audio off and it looks all OK, yet the Marantz doesn't recognise it as a Atmos soundtrack.

For info, it picks up Atmos OK from Netflix and Amazon on the TV apps via earc. It's also only set up as 5.1 at the moment. Also it's plugged straight into the Marantz, though I've tried it plugged into the telly with sound pass through enabled with the same results :/

Anyone had the same issue or something similar you've managed to fix?
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If you just have a 5.1 speaker arrangement then you cannot in any way portray Atmos. You need a minimum of 5.1.2. No matter what your source is the Atmos metadata attached to the Dolby TrueHD or Dolby Digital Plus from streaming is going to be ignored.


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I understood them to be different formats that are rendered differently no matter the number of speakers. Maybe I have the wrong end of the stick.

Interestingly, I just plugged the player straight into the telly and turned the audio passthrough to auto and it must've decoded the Atmos correctly and sent it to the Marantz ok over eArc as it correctly recognised it as an Atmos soundtrack. It just lost the HDR now!

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