Question Marantz NR1506 2005.2 sub crackling issue


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Hey, I've recently noticed an issue with my Marantz NR1506 with my 2005.2's. The Sub I use (from the 3005 range) sometimes gives out small crackle sounds when the sound is turned up loud from the bass.

A separate issue, I also want to have a 2nd pair of speakers I can drive in stereo as the 2005s aren't good for listening. Would my current amp be ok for this or can I get a reason to upgrade to that new 1608 receiver?



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If you can get to the drive cone of the sub try pressing it gently to deflect the cone inwards and see if you can hear a grating sound. This would indicate the drive unit is damaged and needs replacing. (Be careful not to push a finger through the cone!) I had some old KEF eggs and went through multiple KEF subs due to faults!

I would invest in a complete new speaker package if you can afford it and move to conventional rater than style speakers (unless you can afford the Monitor Audio Radius R270 or maybe a MA Bronze package).


It could be as simple as the RCA cable, I had that issue with a KEF sub, had to buy a quality QED lead which I'm still using. However I do think that as a rule KEF bundled subs are rather poor in the reliability department that's why I prefer REL.

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