Marantz NR1504 - crackling sound


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I'm having issues with crackling sounds from the front speakers. It doesn't happen all the time, its tends to be at louder sections of a film with more low frequencies (the volume is quite low though).

It doesn't happen consistently. The speakers are new, and when i connect them to the stereo amp via a switchbox, the speakers sound fine.

I've seen on another forum that someone suggested that this maybe capacitors in the power section of the amplifier. If this was the case, is this likely to be more noticeable in low frequencies? I assume it takes more current to drive low frequencies.

Anyone had a similar issue?


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Are the other channels affected?


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I will give that a go. I suppose that should be able to pin point the amp or not.

I hope it's not the speakers, as they are brand new. I've not listened to anything loud.
If there brand ne they'll be under warranty. I carn see it bee then if it's both. Can you not hook your surrounds to the front channels

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Is it used? Have you done a factory reset? Is firmware up to date? Are you using Audyssey, does the crackle occur with Audyssey on and off?

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