Marantz NR1403 fluttering sound?


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My Marantz NR1403 has been experiencing an issue where if I watch something on Netflix or Disney+, basically anything that uses DD+ the sound flutters on certain sounds, such as when words with hard "esses" are used.

It doesn't happen during Atmos labelled shows/movies, only ones listed as 5.1. Nor does it happen if I force stereo or PCM or almost any other combination. It's mostly shows/movies that are I'm guessing encoded with Dolby Digital and "upscaled" to DD+ by Netflix/Disney.

I am using the TV's native apps mostly but I've ruled out the TV being the issue by using a Chromecast plugged directly in the AVR and disconnecting the TV(!) and still hear this fluttering.

I'd wonder if a component is failing inside the AVR but like I've said, "Atmos" movies don't have this issue.

I've tried factory resetting the AVR and it's still a problem.

I've been using a Sharc between the TV and AVR and for awhile I thought that was the issue but no. The Sharc is being used because of the incompatibility between the DD+ over ARC but why would Atmos work better than DD+?

My AVR can decode DD+, it's an option and comes up on the display. The sound works but it's just this tiny detail that sounds really loud and distracting to me (my wife doesn't hear it or care!) But to me it's like a dripping tap or something just as torturous.

Another option to rule out is my centre speaker but when I use stereo mode, I can still hear it through my fronts.

I've tried to include as many details as possible, hopefully it makes sense?

Any ideas? Thanks!

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