Marantz MM9000?


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This looks like a bargin at £799 from AV Land . Anyone had a listen?


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Not the MM9 but I have some of the Marantz MA6100 Mono-blocks, Plenty of power and control, for the price they sound goooood.


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Yep. I had the 9000 processor and amp package from my local Sevenoaks on extended home dem. The processor is a bit lame, but the poweramp is a goodun. Built like a tank and with plenty of capacitance, I thought this amp a little better than a Rotel 1075. The MM9000 also seemed to have a lot more "stuff" inside. Whereas a Rotel 1075 is mainly transformer and heatsink, the MM9000 had lots of other stuff I don't rightly know what for (so I remember anyway).

It also looks stunning.


Ed Selley

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The size of the unit counted against it in the UK but if you've got the room and only need 5 channels it is a bargain at that price.

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