Question Marantz MM8077 Power Amp and Dynaudio 42W


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Forgive me for asking a paranoid question, but will this amp be ok at driving my Dynaudio Audience 42w as they are listed at 4 ohm and the MM8077 only lists support for driving 8 and 6 ohm speakers?

Should have really asked this question before i made an offer on the amp :blush: but cie la vie

The amp is being purchased just for powering the surround speakers and at a later date i will be adding more speakers (as the money builds up again) that will be in the 6 to 8 ohms range. Ideally i would like to use my 42w as front high speakers, but could place them as centre backs if that would help at all.

Thanks in advance


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Even though your Dynaudio speakers are indeed 4 ohm speakers the Marantz can drive them. 4 ohm may not be recommended as ideal by Marantz for that amp however. I've had several amps that recommend 8 ohm but had no particular problem driving a 4 ohm load. It will have to work a bit harder though I reckon, and you might... just might hear the fan kick in at loud volume levels.

To my knowledge Dynaudio are known for being demanding in terms of power and generous amount of current. Therefor it's important to keep in mind that although MM8077 is a decent amp it probably won't make Dynaudio bloom to it's fullest. The result also depends on your expectations/preferences and how hard you will drive them. Given that the 42's are small speakers I reckon you won't drive them full-range, but possibly place a cut-off in your processor around 80Hz or so (?) so maybe that too will ease the strain on the amplifer.

Good luck!


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Many thanks for the reply, its good to know for the future.

In the end though the deal fell through as they were not prepared for me to meet them at their house, but instead insisted on meeting at a service station and paying in cash :eek:

Ended up going for a Nakamichi AVP1 in the end as this is rated to 4 ohms and has bags of power. I'll not dispute that the marantz would sound better, but for the money i felt it would be good enough for the rear backs and ceiling speakers.

Just trying to decided on my pre amp now..............:D


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Okey-dokey! Choice of pre amp not an easy task!

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