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Hi, folks,

More frustrations with the limitations of HEOS....

As the number of albums I favourite over the years increases, not being able to sort them in any way other than alphabetical, I began to look into the possibility of using MConnect instead. As I explored, I got into the TIDAL password trap: error unknown, you have no internet connection, flashing screens, the usual stuff with no way of letting TIDAL know you have a problem.

Not being in the mood to deal with it, I subscribed to Amazon HD instead, only to find that Amazon HD is not fully supported by HEOS: you cannot put your playlists into it. When will Denon learn that if they sell decent streaming kit, they need to put a bit of effort into the software side of music selection?

So the query begins afresh and trying to decipher websites of software like MConnect, I can never make head nor tail of it. Maybe it's me, maybe you need to a millennial or younger... please excuse the ranting :(

Can anyone advise please: how to stream into the Marantz ND8006 from Amazon Music? I have Windows 10 and Android phones, a network cable to the Marantz. No SPDIF connection, my computer is not audio quality. I do have a Raspberry Pi sitting unused, one day it may become part of the system, but as yet, I don't know how.

Many thanks.


Hi again, Basquelle,

More streaming issues I see - though it has been a while since the last one you mentioned here!

Unfortunately, as far as the Amazon Music HD service streaming to the ND8006 is concerned, you're stuck with what you've got. Unlike some of the other online music services, Amazon refuse to accommodate third party developers, so no chance of using something like the BubbleUPnP app or the mconnect Player app to provide Amazon Music access to the Marantz for the foreseeable.

Not sure if you would be any better off anyway, as there have been problems playing CD-res & hi-res streams bit perfectly from Amazon Music, even using Amazon's own software and streamers, eg:
Amazon Music HD - General Thread
Tidal through Amazon Cube - Understanding sound quality / bitrate

BTW, have you still got those TIDAL login problems, so even with the latest version of the mconnect Player app? I've had no such problems with the Android version,, though reading the iOS version history there have been some TIDAL issue corrections in the last few months. Or, may be those recent lowest ever recorded temperatures in the Pyrenees had something to do with it? :)

Also, the latest version of your old 'favourite', LMS, can now be configured to integrate its supported online music services (so includes TIDAL) with its internal library, meaning you can use it to sort & group your favourited TIDAL albums much as you can your own locally stored music file albums.
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Hi, again, Cebolla, as usual nailing the problem for me in fine style!

I've had trouble-free streaming for ages, just building up such a collection of stuff I like I see a need for collation. First attempt to fiddle threw me into TIDAL's log-in loop, but I've escaped it with my skin intact!

OK from your comments, it's clear I need to stick to TIDAL.

I never managed to suss out LMS or MConnect. It all makes me feel so stupid... I just want a nice tech description from the software house: what the software is, what is does and what it's compatible with. Instead, they present loads of marketing goop.

So, working backwards, Marantz streamer (upgraded to ND8006 and coupled to a valve amp, just the job, I cuddled up close to it during the big freeze!), internet, TIDAL. Available resources, Windows 10 PC and Android phones. Will MConnect and/or LMS provide me a streaming library collation service and if so, which would be better?

Many thanks in advance :)


Yes, though bear in mind TIDAL's fast becoming an MQA only streaming service, which you can't decode with the Marantz (including with LMS or mconnect). That doesn't just apply to TIDAL's lossy hi-res MQA encoded tracks, as TIDAL are doing their best to replace all of their regular lossless CD sourced tracks with lossy MQA-CD ones.

Mconnect doesn't provide library collation, so only LMS will do that for you.


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Always something.... I'll soldier on with the current set-up and see how Marantz and TIDAL evolve, seems too painful to try to do anything else at the moment.


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Stick with Tidal.

Running the Marantz PM7000N. I am not a fan of Heos at all, but of course for casual listening Spotify Connect is fine (mostly the kids use it), and with a combination of the Tidal App on my PC to manage playlists, etc. and the Tidal and InTune connections in Heos I am getting by.

I struggled to get Amazon HD working sufficiently well to live comfortably with it on Heos, it was just really hard work.

Deezer also seems to work, but I struggle to get on very well with the interface.

I would also highly recommend Soundiiz for moving/copying playlists between streaming services. Sometimes Spotify or Qobuz or Amazon have good playlists that i want to copy to Tidal for playback on the hifi, and Soundiiz makes it very simple to do.


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Yes, I've dropped Amazon HD like a hot potato. I'm sticking with TIDAL, I use Soundiiz. Maybe in a little while, I'll have another look at options.

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