Marantz DV7600 DVD image slipping and audio sync issues


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Hi there! Only my second post here, but I'll get straight to it.

Bought a second hand Marantz DV7600 and am having a few issues. Every few minutes the picture seems to 'slip' - it sort of slows down and then goes back to the normal speed.

And another issue is the audio syncing. It goes in and out of sync throughout most films. Ugh!

One last issue is the sound quality - sounds like a warped record at times. You know what I mean?

I spent £125 on this player, so I'd like to get it fixed if possible!

Now, I'll explain my setup, that might have something to do with it.

I'm running the DV7600 audio through a Marantz PM4001 amp and the video through a decent Qunex P-CV1 componenet cable to my admittedly cheap as chips Sanyo CE32LD8 LCD tv.

At first I thought the issue was the built in freeview tuner because it was bleeding through the picture so that I could read the text on the patches of black. Turning it to analogue stopped the bleeding, but the picture slipping still remains.

I have tried several discs, and audio cd's work just fine. I plan use a Qunex HDMI-P cable for the player evnetually to take advantage of the upscaling.

Anyone got any wisdom to offer me?


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Just need to add that if this doesn't have a fix, then I need to ship it back to the seller asap, so I really would be indebted to anyone who could provide me with answers - I'd hate to lose out if there is a simple fix.

The player is three years old and I just wondered if this kind of image / disc reading problems is an early indication of a failing unit?

I tried to run a DVD disc cleaner on it, but it just came up with a loading error.

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