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    After a demo at Sevenoaks, my heart was set on a Marantz for about 2 months until I began to shop around for the best deal (Sevenoaks want the full RRP £400!!!). I found a local shop (TruFi in Redhill) selling them for £350 but have waited 3 weeks for their stock. Then a friend showed me that are selling the Marantz for £294 but again the player is out of stock. Also of note is that QED don't sell the Marantz Multi Region modded, but as I understand it, this can be done by anyone using an All for One remote and the standard Philips hack.

    I suppose my major interest in the Marantz is the superior Movie and CD sound quality. I demo'd it up against a Tosh 210, both through a Denon AV1802 and the Marantz kicked it for 6. The Tosh just didn't produce the same clarity and detail. The drive mechanism was very noisy too!

    Another friend suggested a Pioneer 444. He says that it will sound just as good as the Marantz. So after all that rambling I can now ask my question - Am I going to find the same performance void between the Pioneer 444 and the Marantz DV4100OSE as I did with the Tosh?
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    Don't know about the Pioneer 444 but I've recently bought the next model up - the Pioneer 545. This incorporates Pioneer's legato pro technology, which is supposed to improve CD & DVD audio performance.

    I've had it for a month or so and am delighted with it. It's also one of the slimmest players I've ever seen (55mm) and is a better performer in every respect to my old Tosh 3107.

    More importantly, it's in your budget. Around £269.00 multi-region and RCE capable.

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