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Hi guys,

I'm new to this board, so please excuse me if this is well known. I've searched the forum for an answer but failed to find any...

The story is that I've just purchased a Marantz DV4100 OSE DVD player, since many people told me that it's an excellent piece of hardware for the price. Everything seems ok, but I can only play Region 2 DVD's.
I know this can be made multiregion, since the guy in the shop told me he could do that, but not at that moment. So I was wondering if anybody knows how can I do that at home, if possible. I've also read that you must use a different remote from the one provided with the player? Sounds starnge to me...

Please help. I'd like to change regions at home, rather than going to the shop again...

Thank you.


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What you need is a an OneForAll remote control.

Follow instructions on the following page

Worked for me and allowed me to buy lots of DVD's from other regions - often Aussie ones are the cheapest at the moment.

Good luck


PS if you want my old All for one 6 for a £5 then just say - only used it for hacking as I prefer to use the Marantz SR5200 remote.


Hi again,

well thanks for a quick reply! I was hoping I could do it at once with my own remote, but it seems that I'll have to go to the shop after all to make it regio free. Since I already have plenty of remotes, I do not consider buying a new one is an option right now... Thanks anyway :)

But now I have another question. I've been playing this DVD for three days and i like it VERY much: colors are bright, image quality is excelent and everything is ok... however, it's not that new and it cannot play mp3's. That's not really important for me, but I was wondering about DVD-R's and DVD+R's... I plan to buy a DVD burner, so for me that is really important. Does anybody know if this beast accepts ANY of these two formats?

Thanks again...


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I have a Marantz DV3100 OSE, and was given the following instructions to change regions using the original remote control.

1) Turn on unit
2) Wait until display reads "no disc"
3) Press pause on remote control
4) Press 3 1 4 1 5 9 on remote
5) Dispay says "code"
6) Press number according to region code

0 for all regions - only need this one really.
1 for region 1
2 for region 2 etc.

7) Press pause key
8) Restart machine

It works on my machine, I have played region 1,2 & 4 discs. Hope this works on your 4100.


Thank you, Sparrow-07. I tried that some days ago but that didn't work. Oh man, such a pity :(
In any case I have also another question related to SVCD playback. I can produce and play them easily, but in some cases I can not display the menu bar nor change the audio stream while the movie is playing. In other cases I can do it without problems...
Somebody has told me that this has to do with the PBC mode being enabled or disabled, but I haven't had time to test this yet. Does anybody of you know anything about that?
On the other hand, I have also tested selectable SVCD subtitles and... bang! They work! This is *ver* good since I've seen very few players dusplaying selectable SVCD subtitles...

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