marantz dv 9500 help with downmix


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Have connected dv9500 optical digital out to Amp (Arcam av8) and stereo audio L and R to my tv ( sometimes i just dont use my HT for normal movies and rather watch it on tv).

Problem is this: playing my movies , I consistently get "down mix" noted in the DVD players display. From the manual this suggests that the player is down mixing audio to two channel stereo. Am I missing 5.1. Rear speakers seem to have some audio coming out - but not a whole lot. Any suggestions to get rid of "down mix". Tried everything in Set Up menus that I can think of.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Mine's always said that.

Basically it's just indicating that it's downmixing 5.1 audio to 2 channel analog for the 2 channel stereo outputs. You are definately getting AC3 5.1 from the digital out (well I definately am).

If you turn the internal decoders on it should go away.


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thanks damian. Can u tell me how to turn the decorders on .

Here is how i am connected. i have gotten rid of the stereo connections which were going to my tv from my dvd player, now i have a digital out going OUT of my dvd player optical out and into my av8 SAT connection in DIGITAL INPUTS, after that there are 2 panels on the back of the av8 . one is digital outputs and other is digital inputs for dvd-a ( can u tell me what this panel is for ?) . i am going Digital out from the digital outputs and sending out my center sub fronts and rears out from there and into the p1 mono block amps inputs.

i think my sound is not right and the downmix sign is still there. It only goes away if i switch audio from 2 channel to 5.1 from my dvd player setup dont know if that is meant to be done or not ?


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To enable the 5.1 decoders on the DV9500 you do it from the Audio setup option on the first Setup menu (very bottom option if I remember).

Not sure if this disables the digital audio output of the Marantz though so not sure if you should bother.

The downmix should not affect the digital output of the DV9500 and if you are using the surround sound decoders in your Arcam gear I'd leave the Marantz alone. What may be worth checking is how the digital out settings have been configured on the DV9500 as it is possible to mix AC3 signals to PCM and dts to PCM.

Are there no mulitchannel indicators on the Arcam decoder?

You can reset all the Marantz DV9500 settings to factory default if you think you've messed something up. Switch off the player at the front (using the power switch) hold STOP on the player, keep holding STOP and switch on using the switch and eventually it says RESET, you can let go then. Bare in mind this resets the HDMI settings back the 480/576p etc.

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