Marantz DV-12S2 Details?


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Does anyone know anything about the Marantz DV-12S2 dvd player?

I assume the audio section is fine, but what video engine/deinterlacer does it use?

I had assumed that it was a Pioneer clone (like most Marantz players) but it seems to use a different video DAC (which may in fact be the one used in the Denon A-11). This is based on the observation that the Marantz uses a 216MHz/12 bit chip (like the Denon) but the Pioneer 868 uses a 216MHz/14 bit variant (or something like that).

Any details? The Marantz player certainly does look nice and would fit perfectly in my rack!

Ed Selley

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The DAC's are as you describe (from memory) and might be related to Texas Instruments units not Pioneer. Special output is DVI not HDMI, again suggesting it isn't a Pioneer related unit. It is a lovely piece of kit as well.


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Interesting. I've just noticed however that a site selling multi-region mods for dvd players has included the dv-12s2 as a unit which will accept their generic pioneer mod. Now I'm thinking that it may in fact be based on a pioneer player, even if the video dacs are different.

Does anyone have any further info? I find it a bit disconcerting that Marantz does not provide information on the video components used. That is pretty standard info these days.

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