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Since buying a Marantz CR612 it has had an intermittent problem playing from USB and I wondered if anyone else had this problem.

Sometimes the playback of MP3 and FLAC files from connected a USB drive stops mid song and then all the USB folders/files are no longer “seen” by the system (“Unable to play from the device” message). The only way I find to fix this is to power off the system incl. un-plug from power and then restart it. I can then go back to the Queue and replay it including the track that stopped before (so not a bad format file).

Sometimes this happens again within minutes, other times it may play for hours and not happen.

I have tried several USB makes and both NTFS and FAT32 file systems – all the same problem. They all play just fine on my PC or in car audio systems.

I contacted Marantz about this in 2021 and they suggested a full Factory Reset, but it still occurs.

Any experience of this from others? Is it a known problem?


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You don't say whether you are using a USB flash drive ie a USB stick or a USB hard disk. I get the impression from the Marantz user manual that this port was designed for use either with a flash drive, which you would normally format to FAT32, or a separately powered USB hard disk drive which you would normally format to NTFS. Reading between the lines, the Marantz's USB port probably doesn't have sufficient power to reliably power a USB hard disk drive. If you are trying to use yours with USB hard disks that are not separately powered then that may be the cause of your problem.



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Thanks for your interest. I am using 64GB SanDisk flash drives, and have tried formatting these to both FAT32 and NTFS. As I say sometimes it plays OK for hours other times it stops a few minutes in. I can't figure out why or any relationship to time before use etc. Hoping someone else out there may have an idea. If I send it in for repair I'm guessing they won't be able to find the fault. Currently awaiting Marantz customer service to reply to my 2nd request for advice.
Any suggestions welcome.......


It may be due to the number of files you have on the disk and the Marantz's ability to index them all. Try halving the number and then see if it persists

Don Dadda

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Seen quite a few similar issues with the mcr6xx over the years and all resulting in the same resolution. I’m beginning to wonder if this a inherent problem among the mcr range
I’ve got the 610 and while I’ve Not had the problem with usb but have when streaming from the NAS. It does not always happens but when it does, I cannot play from internet radio or usb. The only way to fix is to unplug the unit for a minute


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Thanks larkone, I think you have the solution. I've tried a USB with 344 tracks at 7.6GB and it played all day+all night without problem (queue of 260 on repeat). According to the CR612 manual it can cope with 5000 files - but there is a note that it may be less depending on.....does not say what! I had 4894 tracks in 422 folders which had the problem. So now cutting back bit by bit to see what works.
Real pain that Marantz can't be more specific - is it total GB size, number of files + folders or what...
So not a fixable hardware fault more a software bug/limitation. Shame Marantz customer care could not have given better advice.
Seeing I purchased a Network Audio Player, so I could put my whole collection on a flash drive to save shuffling CD's, this seems a big limitation to the CR612 system. Odd that the audio in my car (principally bought for traveling around) does a better job than a CR612 (bought to listen to music).

Don Dadda - I discovered that to save unplugging etc you can reboot the system by holding the power button in for ca 10sec. when turning off - it comes on again with a RESTART message and this clears the problem.

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