Marantz AV7706 HDMI-CEC power-on unreliable?


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I just bought an AV7706 to replace an aging 8002, and the HDMI-CEC power-on (from an AppleTV) works less than 10% of the time. (power-off works 100% of the time)

I have upgraded the AV7706 firmware, and I believe I have all the HDMI settings correct (see below *), and I've tried 3 different HDMI cables. Particularly suspicious is that when I go into the AppleTV remote menu, sometimes the "Auto via HDMI (receiver)" setting is flashing on an off, which I've never seen on any other TV or receiver.

In the past I have used much cheaper AVRs, including one from Denon AVR (i forget which model) and I think a Marantz NR1403 (not sure), and the HDMI-CEC works fine in this type of setup, so I'm pretty surprised that the AV7706 HDMI-CEC isn't working. This is a must-have deal breaker feature for me.

Is there any way to make HDMI-CEC power-on from an Apple-TV work reliably with the AV7706?

..or do I have to return this and find another option? Is there another XLR capable processor that has reliable HDMI-CEC power-on?


The reason this HDMI-CEC power-on is a deal breaker, is that I plan to only use the AppleTV remote for the theatre, as I've done in two other theatre setups in the past. The AppleTV remote is simple, it has awesome voice search, it lasts 6 months on a charge, my kids can use it, and 99% of our theatre usage is the appletv.

I'm removing an overpriced Crestron controller from this theatre, because the remote has no voice search, only lasts 24-48 hours in standby off the charger (and of course my kids never put it back on the charger).

The old home owners used crestron to video-matrix 4 appletvs and 4 directv boxes to ~6 tvs, but we turned off the directv, and I don't see the sense in using this clunky expensive video matrix to share AppleTV boxes, when they are each only $150 (cheaper than a single node of crestron video playback!).

* AV7706 HDMI Settings

Pass Through Source -- Home Theatre (the appletv)
RC Source Select -- Power On + Source
HDMI Control -- On

TV Audio Switching -- Off
Power Off Control -- All
Power Saving -- Off
Smart Menu -- Off
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Keep in mind the TV is the ‘hub/master’ in the CEC chain not the AVP.

Something you can try is to power everything off at the wall, disconnect all HDMI cables and leave powered off for 15 to 20 mins then connect the first device in the chain ‘AVP’ to the TV and leave for a few mins, then add the ATV to the AVP and again wait a few mins then try the auto power on function.

CEC is so random that for many folk it is often best disabled and use a programmable remote to control the system.


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