Marantz AV7005 vs Denon 3312 (for use as a preamp)?


Looking to update my stereo and AV setup.

I have been looking at the Denon 3312 and have come to the conclusion it has nice functions but possibly crap amplification, much like many non-flagship level AV receivers.

At the same time I have come across a deal on the Marantz Av7005. Which from what I can tell is a cousin of the previous gen Denon 3311. Not clear however if Denon downgraded quality from the 3311 to the 3312.

Question is whether there would be a significant difference in stereo (and or AV) sound quality between these two units, in the event that I would be using external amplification anyway?
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You'd have to demo to find out. There are differences in the analogue stages, Marantz use their own proprietary HDAM modules in the analogue chain and a different power supply but whether thats worth it to you is another matter. Also the Marantz is intentionally a pre amp and it does measure a little better than it's receiver version in terms of noise floor and THD (thats coupled with the partnering MCH amp) again whether that offsets the additional cost is up to you and a demo.

The Marantz 7xxx series is made in Japan the lower models are made in China same applies for Denon only the anniversary models and top of the line models are made in Japan the 3311 which lends it's electronics to the 7005 was also made in China unlike the 7005. Ultimately it comes down to cost and the Marantz and Denon 'house' sounds and the way they bias their kit.

All that said that the 7005 series is miles prettier to look at.
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