Question Marantz and Monitor Audio matching ?


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Afternoon all,

What is the general feeling towards Marantz and Monitor Audio pairing ?

I have a Marantz av7703/Rotel rmb1555 with Monitor Audio Apex speaker package. Within the last couple of weeks a dramatic change in the sound has happened, its become overly top heavy.

Out of the box the Marantz gave a much warmer/smoother sound, less fatiguing.

The sound now is very open but incredibly bright, for my ears anyway.

I don't remember the Marantz being this bright?

Has the Marantz simple opened up after being run in and is now just to bright with MA kit? (For my ears)



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I can't say I've noticed any change in the sound of my setup, I'm guessing there'll be subtle differences as the speakers run in as they were all new (inc amp), but I do run 3 A40's up front....whether that makes a difference, compared to your A10's ?.
Personally I find the Marantz/MA combo sounds fantastic, but of course these things are very subjective.


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It can't be the speakers, I've had them a while and they've been well run in. The only new bit of kit is the 7703 hence why that was my first thought.

Glad to hear your enjoying your kit :)

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