Marantz 8012 technical help please


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I have a major issue with my Amp. I have two cats, one has decided to sleep on the nice warm amp, however last night the other cat decided it was now his territory and decided to stamp his mark on the case (less polite version is - he pi$$ed on it)
his spray was directed to the top left side of the amp looking from the front (to be fair it was only a small spray not a full on drenching)

I have taken the lid off and dried out all visible spots and cleaned up and turned it back on....
All the lights come on and all the displays are perfect
No sound from any speaker
The unit does not forward the video signal from the SAT or Blu ray input to the monitor (only use those two inputs, tried the DVD input but that does not work either

Are there any fuses in the box that I can check?
I cannot see any damage or verdegree on any of the visible circuit boards

Any help or advice gratefully received (the cat has been dealt with........)



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As you can see on the picture below, main video output is located on the left hand side of the hdmi board. Those chips are pretty sensitive to any moisture where space between each pin is around 0.2-0.3mm. Your hdmi board might require component level repair, starting with cleaning in ultrasonic bath.


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Think I’d lop his balls off tout suite ;) :facepalm:

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