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Marantz 8001 advice


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Just looking for advice on a few things.

The remote seems useless. Does anyone else need to press every input twice to get it to change? Also, the power buttons that turn off the amp, the only turn off the amp when it's in amp mode?! Even though it has dedicated buttons. Alot of the input selections dont even do anything MD for example..

There's a standby light on the amp but pressing the power button on the remote doesnt turn this light on, just turns the display off apart from one red box on the left!? And if left in this 'Standby' mode it still gets warm so it must be using a lot of power?!

My PS3 stopped working through the HDMI, the only way I could rectify this was pull the HDMI from the amp and put it in again.

Sometimes the audio has not come on on the Xbox and I have had to turn off the optical and turn it on again in Xbox settings for sound to work again.

This is all so new to me as I have never had any bugs with my Yamaha amps and I'm now regretting not getting another Yamaha, does anyone else have these problems??

Also, is it me or is there 100% no difference between HD audio and standard?!?!?


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About 2 weeks.

Take it back asap...;)
I did read about the 01 having a few bugs, I can't remember where, but I'm sure they're not as bad what you're experiencing.
It's probably a good idea to look at AVS forums in the U.S. and in the dedicated Marantz owners forum.
There might be some info on there that will determine whether you have a turkey or not.


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The standby function started working... Still has to be in Amp mode to use it though..

Can't seem to find the fabled THX game mode, just can't get it as an option.

And having compared HD and SD audio some more have concluded there is absolutely no audible difference!! I dont get it at all.. What with how some people have gone on! I compared on spiderman 3 the Uncompressed soundtrack versus true HD and other than my PS3 saying that uncompessed was a solid 4.7Mbps, whilst True HD varied around the 3-4 Mbps for the most part Still no difference. Anyway surely Uncompressed is just that and hsould be good as it gets?


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I share the frustration of the OP re the remote - having to press the buttons twice is certainly a pain, and having to select Amp to turn it on or off is even worse, but I have now got used to it.

My 8001 is behind my seating position so it is not convenient look backwards to see the display to check the various settings whilst watching a movie. Is it possible to make the display settings (particularly volume) be displayed via my projector onto my PJ screen (superimposed over whatever is playing at the time)? I've seen this done on another person's set up, but I don't know if the 8001 supports it, and I can't figure it out from the manual.



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