Marantz 6200 or Yamaha 630RDS?



seeing as the new x300 range is out soon i am able to get a 6200 for pretty much the same price as a new yamaha 630rds.

So which one should i go for? I know the Yamaha is pretty new but anyone who has actually used it i would appreciate any input.
The What Hi-Fi? review seems pretty positive but they've not always provided the best insight in the past.

Dont rule out the new amp from Denon, the AVR1803 for £300 from unbeatable, it does all the current sound formats including DTS ES Descreet, the Yamaha does not do this.
A review in HCC said the 630's cd playback wasn't to hot, sorry I can't comment on the Marantz.
Slight problem now in that i was pretty much geared up to get the 6200 this week after talking the rep down to £380.
But with the 1803 coming well recommended which should i go for?
The marantz is £80 more but has more power per channel (but thats about it). But with the 1803 being brand new feedback on its performance is pretty hard to find.
Was wanting an amp for this week really so which do you reckon i should go for?

And are many other people here getting a 1803?


And on another note has anyone had any experience with the Kenwood X9060D as the 905 didnt seem too hot but it does have THX :) and it is a consideration for me.
Hi Hobbes

Did you check out the thread further down the list here
It depends how much importance music is to you and most mags agree that the Marantz range play music better than their competitors.

I have had the 6200 and it was an excellent amp that also played CDs well
I have had both - Marantz 7200 and now Yamaha 630

The Marantz was good in music ( although sometimes a bit heavy on the bass ) but the Yamaha is better for movies - surround sound steering is better ( and the DSP modes are excellent on the 630 )

It depends if you are wanting it more for movies or more for music - if music is very important get the Marantz - else if the best movie processing is important I would say get the Yam

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