Marantz 6015 preamp set-up


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Hi Experts

I am trying to set-up Marantz 6015 in 11.2 configuration. Where I want to use front 3 channel with power amplifier using pre-amp output.

When I go through the set-up it only gives me option for front left and front right as pre-amp out but no option to add centre channel to it, but some sound do go to centre channel which is connected via power amplifier.

Any thoughts or comments on it?

Thanks and regards,


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You do not need tp do anything in order to use an external amp connected to the centre pre outs. The pre outs are always live. THe option for the front left and right speakers has to do with reassigning the power amp for use by them or for powering a pair of additional back height or ceiling speakers.

Just connect the power amp to the centre pre outs and then run the Audyssey calibration. AS saidm the centre pre outs are always live and do not need to be activated.


As above just connect the RCA leads to the pre-outs marked as centre. When you run Audyssey those channels connected to the power amp will show as 'Pre' on the onscreen graphics above the speakers.


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Thank you both - really appreciate your prompt reply and help!

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