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Answered MARANTZ 6011 is price drop due to faulty product ?

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Just bought brand new SR 6011 £649 ,but receiver appears to be faulty. Hyperfi sell B stock £549. so there must have been some returns.
AVR will not connect to Internet. Audyssey does not complete . Despite getting sound from all speakers during initial setup when playing Blu-ray disc,get picture but no sound, CD no sound, can get no TV on screen display, anyone experience these problems. Unable to contact Marantz until Tuesday 30 May.
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New one, very strange. Please try resetting it and report did it help, this is usually first thing to do when problems occur;

Discrete Network chip reset (no settings lost).
1 - With the AVR powered ON, select "Online Music" as the input source.
2 - Simultaneously press/hold the SR-6011 "TUNER PRESET CH" + "/STATUS" buttons on the front panel
3 - Hold the buttons for a few seconds until the display reads "Network Restart" and then release the buttons.

Try the above first when experiencing network issues before doing the full reset below (which would result in the lose of all user settings as well as the Audyssey EQ).

Resetting the SR6011. Note that for microprocessor and network reset, all user and Audyssey setup settings will be wiped out. The SAVE/LOAD configuration steps should be performed beforehand to save user and Audyssey settings.

(1) Soft reset. Un-plug the power chord for approximately 10 minutes.

(2) Microprocessor reset. Also known as the factory reset.
Turn OFF the unit
Turn ON the unit and simultaneously press the M-DAX and ZONE 2 SOURCE buttons.
Wait until the display shows "Initialized", then release the two buttons.

(3) Network Reset (includes microprocessor reset, ie. all settings restored to factory default).
Turn OFF the unit
Turn ON the unit and simultaneously press the ZONE 2 ON/OFF and ZONE 2 SOURCE buttons.
Wait until the display starts flashing in 1 second intervals, then release the two buttons.


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The price drop is just due to the normal product re-fresh cycle. Old models are reduced in price when new models are released (or announced).

Maybe you just have a faulty unit? Have you tried a factory reset?
  • Turn off the power using the power button.
  • Press the power button while simultaneously pressing GAME and INFO.
  • Remove your fingers from the two buttons when “Initialized” appears on the display.
Also then (for good measure) perform the network reset:
  • Turn on the power using the power button.
  • Use INPUT SELECTOR to select “Online Music”.
  • Press and hold the main unit's BACK and ENTER at the same time for at least 3 seconds.
  • Remove your fingers from the two buttons when “Network Reset...” appears on the display.
  • “Completed” is shown in the display when reset is complete.
Oops the above is for the SR7011 so not sure if it is the same for the SR6011.

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Have been unable to reset. AVR display Antenna Connect, have installed antennas, TV keyboard display for inserting router password is in lower case no arrow for changing to upper case ,how do I change to upper case, after inserting lower case password TV display shows incorrect password try again which I did same result.

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