Marantz 5300 & DPLII question


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I have my sky+ linked to my amp via optical. Whenever i watch something through this in DPLII the rear speaker are not flagged on the little 'picture' thing on the display? I only have the front 2 speakers.

I've set the sky+ box to output optical. Theres not much i can do with the amp i suppose except assign an input.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal please?

Many thanks



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I have a Sr7400 and when using DPLIIx with a stereo source, the little control panel display also only displays the front two speaker icons. However, there is definitely sound coming from all 7 speakers.

So, I wouldn't worry about it, if I was you !! As long as PLII is actually working with your Sky feed, why worry?

I think the control panel display only indicates what the source signal is (ie stereo, Dolby 5.1, dolby EX, etc). It doesn't indicate how many speakers are being used.



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You need to look at the sky guide to see which movies are being transmitted in 5.1 and try one of these there are only a few, all other programs are in stereo, therefore only two indicators. To be honest you will not notice too much difference between a 5.1 signal from sky and a 2 Ch signal decoded with PLII or Neo6 IMO of course.;)
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