Marantz 5200 turns itself off!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by JampoTT, Oct 17, 2002.

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    Ok, finally got the OSD working properly, so able to set the speaker distances correctly and set the TV to analog so I don't have to keep pressing the "A/D" button all the time....

    Sat down to watch the football last night with the sound through the amp, and roughly every 7-10 mins, the damn amp kept turning itself off!!!

    My first thought was either overheating or a sleep timer. I set the sleep timer to 30 mins in case I'd accidentally set it to 10 and wasn't switching it off properly, but this made no difference. I checked all the connections and all seems fine.

    But at almost completely regular intervals (I wasn't timing with a stopwatch, but near enough) it was STILL turning itself off.

    It doesn't do this in any other mode. I watched some stereo, 5.1 and dts stuff after that to test my DVD player, driving up the sound to see what the system is capable of, and the amp just took everything in its stride. Didn't cut out, throw a wobbly or turn itself off....

    So is this something to return to my dealer with, or is there anything else I can check first? Is this a known problem?
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    There is a facility in OSD to disable the TV Auto off.

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