marantz 5200 minidisc setup



I just recently purchased a marantz 5200, a sony 940 minidisc player as well as alot of other equipement.
However ive been having problems setting up the two. Im using phono cables to setup the components.(out md to in amp)
Anyway when i switch to the md function it says " no data "( i.e it doesnt recognise it)
Im assuming this is because you have to set the defalut cdr function to md by pressing the "cdr/md" button and 2 (according to the instrcutions. However when i do this nothing happens.
Nether the less i cant use my minidisc player :(

Can anybody PLEASE help :)
Have you tried pressingA/D to switch from digitakl to analogue #

No data sounds like its expecting digital data and you say your connected via analogue
cheers mate for the advice....
it worked a treat...
was wondering if u know how to change the display from cdr to md...the instruction suggest pressing cdr and 2 but this doesnt seem to work...

thanx again for the advice

will have a look 2nite. I dont use the amp with a CDR or MD so havent looked at this

By the way why not hook it up with a digital cable. The Dacs on the marantz are good
Has anyone sussed this out?
It's driving me crazy now.
It says on page 7 of the instruction booklet to hold down the CDR/MD button and press 2 to switch to MD or press 1 to switch back to CDR
I have tried about 1,000,000 times now and it doesn't work!

I'll E-mail Marantz about it and see if they can clarify but last time they took ages to respond.

Richard.:D :confused:
Boy am I glad I already have a minidisc set up elsewhere in the house!!! This would really p!ss me off.

Like you I cant get it to change
Thought about this some more on the way to work this morning.

The key sequence is press CDR/MD and hold down. If you watch the red thing (thats its technical name) in the corner it flashes at it sends the signal, after 2 seconds it then comes on permanantly.

I tried pressing 2 at the same time, in the period after its flashed but b4 it comes on ad when it comes back on. Nothing works. Tried this with numerous buttons. Then it occured to me that Im trying to change something on the AMP and therefore the remote has to be in amp mode. But by pressing the CDR/MD button you immediately put the remote in CDR/MD mode and pressing 2 will simply emit a signal to change the CDR/Minidisc track to 2.

Is it worth starting a new thread and getting all marantz owners of 4200 and 5200 (same handset) to have a go regardless of wether they have a CDR/MD amd see if anyone has any success.

:confused: Brainwave :confused: how about holding down CDR/MD on the front panel then pressing 2 on remote?
Tried that and it doesn't work either!
I have e-mail marantz about this but as yet they have not replied.
Well, I never did get any response from Marantz!
Makes me wonder why they have E-mail - if they are never going to reply to queries.
Doesn't bother me now though as I just bought a Tag!


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