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Aug 5, 2006
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I am a new member to this forum and have joined to see if members can help with a problem I have encountered with my AV system.
I have a Marantz 5200 AV amplifier which provides amplification for centre, rear and sub, with the front speakers powered by my Hi Fi system, specifically a Naim 102 / 140 combo, connected by an link which goes under the carpets and which I am reluctant to dismantle if possible.

Until yesterday everything appeared to work fine, but I now find I cannot get the fronts to work via the AV system. Co-incidentally, I cannot get the AV OSD to show on the screen (it worked until yesterday) to check the speaker set up. Also, the pre amp seems unhappy to have the av link selected.

I'm not the greatest technophobe and wondered if anyone might be able to offer suggestions as to what the problem might be. The front speakers work fine via the Hi Fi. My gut feeling is that the problem originates via the 5200.

If anyone could offer any suggestions to help I would be most obliged. The 5200 has so many wires coming out of it I would be reluctant to have to take it to my dealer, where, perhaps the cost of repair might be uneconomic in relation to its value, which would be a shame as it has given great service for about 5 years now.

Many thanks in anticipation.

:lease: Help !!!!
Do the other speakers still work?

Can you connect another source (CD player, DVD, etc.) to the Naim, using the cable from the AV amp, to check the Naim input and the buried cable?

It does sound like a problem with the AV amp, so rule out a cable/Naim amp fault first. Having said that, if the other speakers still work, I can't think of a hardware fault that'd stop the left and right channels and the OSD working. Is it possible that someone has been fiddling with the settings or the cables?
Many thanks - will do, and advise of results

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