Marantz 4200 or wait?


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I've noticed online that I can get a Marantz 4200 for £199 - due I presume to the imminent release of the 4300. I have demoed it, and was impressed with its movie/music capabilites.

The problem I face is that I am not going to be able to play with my brand new HC setup until I find a new house (currently bedroom space doesn't permit), which could be anything between 3 to ?? months away. I don't mind buying a bargain now obviously (even it sits in a box for 6 months), but I'd be a bit annoyed if in 6 months time you can pick up 4300 (with its DD-ex and DTS-es capabilities) for about £230. The cheapest i've seen a 5200 is £239, which isn't bad but doesn't strike me as a great bargain.

As i'm new to this HC game i'm not to familiar with price circles for this kind of kit - do prices tend to drop after a few months?? I appreciate no one can acurately predict the AV market but any opinons would be welcome. By the way my receiver budget could probably stretch to about £400-£450 although i'm not too fussed about 6.1,7.1 setups (but if its in the box who knows),anyway, like anything i would rather pay less........



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I would hang on, I bought a Denon 3802 in december last year and then moved house in january, as i am having a loft conversion I decided i would leave the front room wife friendly, so the denon has been sitting in its box for 8 out of the 9 months i have owned it. and i am now seriously considering upgrading.

If in 6 months you still fancy a 4200 there will propably be used units floating about for even less.

There is nothing worse either than reading reveiws about what an improvement model X is over your older model Y.

just an opinion ;)


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Originally posted by sarll
The cheapest i've seen a 5200 is £239, which isn't bad but doesn't strike me as a great bargain.


Yes it is a bargain, I paid 270 quid for my 4200 back in February. very pleased I am too with it. If you aren't going to use it for a while then just wait.

I am a bit annoyed that they are releasing the 4300 so soon.

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