marantz 4200 no test tone on sub ?


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when setting the above amp up.when setting speaker levels their was no test tone output to sub ? although there is bass output when lisening to music and dvd s and when using a test tone cd thanks g


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I have the same problem but if you turn the volume up to 0 then you can just hear the sub test tone. This seems to be a quirk/problem with other Marantz amps also.


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Ensure LF Setting is set to 00 if its set to off or -10 it will cause this to happen. it did with me.

Hey guys
I'm thinkning about getting a sr4200 from richer sounds ( for only £199.95) which I think is pretty cheap, just wondering, apart from the little trouble with LFE test tone you have been having, how would you guys rate the sr4200 all the reviews Ive read seem to think its pretty good. :)

Cool, thats all I need to know, now how about a DVD player to match, Marantz of course or maybe some thing else, what do you use/recommend. Im using a Minato(I know) purley Because it will play anything you throw at it. But seriously I really want a DVD player that is capable of playing pretty much everything but doesnt compromise on image/sound quality. I have no worries in spending maybe in or around £300/500, I know that covers quite a range of players, gimmicks dont matter to me anymore, performance matters. A good player R1/R2 or all if need be. Any how thanks for the reply and Cheers,

All the best, Kev:D

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