Marantz 4100OSE problem/upgrade question


Sam Fuller

I’ve had a Marantz 4100OSE since it came out and have been very happy with it until now, when it has exhibited a mysterious problem. When it needs to change layers on a DVD-9, it now looks like it rushes through all the remaining chapter stops (the LCD screen on the front panel counts up one a second), then flashes up ‘DISC ERROR’ before turning itself off. I’ve cleaned it with the best kit I could find, and it seems OK otherwise but this makes it less than useful as you can imagine.

Is there anything I can do? Would such an error be economical to repair (I suspect not) and if so is there anyone around London good at it? It’s a real shame as I’ve always had good luck with Marantz products which seem bulletproof, and this player has always been treated well. I like the way it looks (matches my amp) so wish I didn’t have to get rid of it.

I also have a Panasonic DMR-E85 for recording but wonder if I can’t fix the Marantz if there are any sub £250 DVD players out there which offer better picture quality (bear in mind I am going through RGB to one of the last high end 32inch Wegas at present) than it? Is it a good idea to have a player alongside a recorder so the latter gets less use overall given the temperamental nature of many DVD recorders?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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