Marantz 1608 AVR bad USB & Bluetooth performance

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Pan A Sonic, Oct 28, 2018.

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    I bought a nice small Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB-Stick that i can plug into the front-usb-port of the 1608 receiver. According to the manual i took care that the stick is FAT32 formatted, dont have more than 999 files on it and so on.

    I was happy as i was able to switch between some songs and was surprised about the good stereo sound quality the Marantz provided together with my B & W yoghurtcup-speakers assisted by an 30kg XTC subwoofer...

    ...till it refused to play songs and i couldnt switch to the next song. I turned the receiver off and on and the receiver sporadically played a few songs till nothing worked again.

    After this i tried the USB-Stick with the front-usb of my panasonic blu-ray player which handled every single song without problems (MP3 & FLAC) with fast navigation through folders.

    I also formatted the USB-Stick to NTFS and it worked a bit better with the 1608... ha... till nothing was working again. Cutting the receiver 10 mins from power or a factory reset did not help.

    Then the bluetooth-function of the 1608 came into my mind. Grabbed my little Shanling M0 player and had no problem to connect it with the marantz. But did it play my non-exotic music-files? No... it did not.

    Did someone had a similar experience and hopefully a solution or is it just fact that Marantz dont have any love for USB & Bluetooth?
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