Marantz 1606 - Switching to component video output from hdmi


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I'm sorry but I can not figure out how to do this. I have searched the web, manual and setup/options menus and have stumbled across nothing. Can anyone help me? I want to have two different monitors, one by hdmi which currently works, second I can't seem to switch to.


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Page 244 of your manual shows the video " upconversion" routes through the amp.

Important points to note...

Only video input to the amp via component can be output via component, in other words, if you have no component video input sources, there is nothing to output on the component connections.

Component video inputs can be " upconverted" to be output via HDMI, in other words all video sources can be output via HDMI.

No HDMI sources can be output via component, this is a copy protection thing and is now standard across all receivers.

If you are trying to use the component output as a general second video output for everything, it just doesnt work that way and cant be done.
The only way to get an output from the component video jacks is with a corresponding input on the component video inputs.


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Thank you for replying, I wasn't aware of that. I figured I could use it like the hdmi out. I guess I'll need to buy a hdmi splitter. Should of kept the onkyo tx-nr66 I had lol. Thank you for your help!

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