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Because my old Onkyo will not allow 4k pass-through so I bought a Marantz 1510 from RS. But so far I'm hoping it's not a lemon.
I have plugged my new BT HDMI into the 'Cable' port on the AV receiver and then to port 2 on the LGOLEDC8. But as ARC doesn't work I've attached a digital optic lead from the TV to the AV receiver. But as soon as I change channels on the BT box I have to connect again. As the TV shows no connection.
If I run the lead from the BT box direct to the TV, the connectivity is better but the lip sync us abysmal.
When working the sound is great but I'm worried this might be difficult to pretty unusable.


You have to assign both HDMI that the cable box is plugged into. Likewise you have to assign the optical. You will find that under amp assign in the set up menu. You have to enable ARC on the Marantz as well as the TV.

ARC is notoriously poor because different manufacturers have different ideas and handshake problems often occur.
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