Marants in the early 80's


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People love Classic Marantz. No doubt about it. However, After 1979 things seem to get a little murky. Production changes design changes (though most of it seems like a grey area on what were the last of Marantz designs, and the beginning of Phillips.)

There seems to be a lot of hate online for this generation of Marantz, which is a real shame.

I have a Marantz mr-1155, and
I think it has two great things going for it.

1. It sounds better than any other receiver I have ever had

2. It wasn't like 400-900 dollars.

So where does the hate stem from in these transitional units? It would seems to have a lot of carryover parts and design.

Sure it's not as rugged as earlier Marantz, but it's works perfectly after 35 years.

image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg


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It's all pretty cloudy and in this one google is not exactly your friend. I think the Philips designs (for amps/receivers) not showed up until the 90's when Philips acquired the US/Canada branches. Before that time there were distinctive (I think) Japanese and American designs that were excellent.

Mind you, the 'Philips period' of Marantz is considered as one of the worst not because of the musical quality (that throughout has always been regarded as very good) but because of bad qc. At the turn of the century Marantzes had the reputation of falling apart by just looking at it.

Anyway, that is what I always understood out of it. Maybe someone can chime in and add more knowledge to it...

I wouldn't mind if someone was to unload his PM-94 in my direction. And that one was made in the Philips period...

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