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I am hopefully going to buy a new house in the near future (new build) and would like to tap peoples brains about a vision of life I'd like to lead.

What I want to do is link multiple sources (DVD, Sky+, Video, etc) to multiple TVs (and possibly a projector) with the possibility of viewing different sources on different TVs - at the same time. Families - who'd have 'em.

Is this possible? Where do I start? Is it a DIY project or do I need someone to come in and charge the earth? Has anyone done something similar?

I know this post may lead to more questions than answers, but any help or advice would be appreciated.


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Welcome to the forums. How many sources and how many tv's ? Realistically :) And what budget ? Same proviso ;)



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hi there, I'm experimentnig with madnat at the moment - maybe you should do a search on these guys and see what you think?




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I want to distribute VCR, Sky+, DVD to 3 TVs. Also DAB radio and CDs to 6 rooms. I want a solution that is scalable so if I add more componants (either source or destination) it can accomodate.

Budget wise - we're talking a max of £5,000 - any more and the wife would go ballistic:D

prof yaffle

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I'm looking at doing something very similar to you - at least in terms of the video distribution. On paper the Key Digital 8x3 Matrix Switcher ( seems to fit the bill - good bandwidth, remote-controlled (so Pronto Pro with RF extender would work) & will deal with component video plus either L/R or digital audio. The 8 inputs also offer room to expand on the video side.

I'm hesitating mainly because I can't find anyone who has actually used this & can give feedback (the need to use RCA-BNC converters on all my cabling is also a pain...).

Ivojo have this listed on their website (1,328) - so would leave room in your budget to deal with the audio to 6 rooms separately...

If you want a 1 box solution for everything then I'd have thought Extron would be your best bet. Not cheap though...


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We deal with many systems that will offer you full multi-room systems within your budget, in particular i'd highly recommend the Opus system, has complete audio and video distribution with full control in each room via stylish in-wall keypads.

Can be run using in ceiling speakers or any type of speaker and has enough upgrade options it makes it ideal for later add-ons.

If you can let me know what exact requirements you need i can be a little more specific.

Best Regards

Joe Fernand

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Plenty of options open to you - and your budget should be enough to put something worthwhile together.

The biggest issues to consider are how many sources, how many 'duplicate' sources (to stop arguments about who wants to watch what), who has control over what and when and what quality of distributed signal you require.

You can scale a system using an oversize Matrix chassis that gets populated as your system grows or build around a system that lets you add in additional Matrix or switching modules.

prof yaffle

The Key Digital (KD) Flash Matrix is interesting but a few things count against it for UK use - there's currently no UK distributor and the Flash Matrix is one of a few products in the KD line-up that are not CE approved (as such no UK retailer should be supplying it - like others we had hoped this would have been resolved by now).

If you want an affordable RGBHV or YUV (+ stereo audio) Matrix then I'd be more inclined to supply either the Extron MSV0804 (with IR + RS232) or the AutoPATCH Précis 8x4 (RS232) + Xantech IRS232 for IR control; both of these have SRP's around £1.5K and are CE marked so we can and do supply them to UK customers.

The AutoPATCH Précis 8x4 is also available with Digital Audio and in 'Home Theatre' spec but the price jumps up dramatically to near £3.5k.

AutoPATCH do a range of fairly low cost 'wall plate' in room' selectors which you can use rather than IR or RS232.

Extron use HD15 inputs and outputs on the MSV0804 and AutoPATCH use BNC's - adapters can be used for both or as you say you may need to re-terminate your cables.

Any further questions please shout and I'll see if I can help out.

Best regards


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