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    Oct 25, 2001
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    I took delivery of my first camcorder today and I wanted to begin by
    getting a look at some footage I shot of my puppy with a borrowed camera way back in 1986 - which is the last time I was able to view it !

    Because that original equipment was only very briefly loaned to me, MY film was all on the second half of the tape and foolishly (I now realise) the cassette has been left for all these years part way through - at the start of the material that mattered to me.

    This afternoon I popped the tape in and naturally fully re-wound it. It plays very successfully to about the half-way point and then won't advance any further. I am guessing that this is when it reaches the section of tape that the cassette had been left at - the camera labours a bit trying to negotiate the problem by offering LP instead of SP mode but remains stuck.

    Is there a way that I can manually wind the tape on to get past this sticky point and hopefully access the moving images that are bound to be both MOVING and MAGICAL to me ?

    Thanks to anyone who will advise...
  2. Peter O Sullivan

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    This happened to me a while ago, couldn't explain why it occoured though. My process is slow but your puppy should be worth it.
    Just lift back the cover which is hiding the magnetic tape, hold it open, and use a wide flat head screw driver (or something like it) to wind on the left wheel (shove it into the cogs at the back) until the tape tightens a bit (not too much) and then give then feeding wheel a turn to loosen up the tape again. Onto the receiver wheel again and tighten and so on.
    Repeat this a few times till you think you might be past those bad few seconds on the tape.
    This should work, it worked for me
    Good luck

    An animal lover (not in the SE Animal Farm sort of sense)

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