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Manual Tune a Samsung WS32Z419D to different transmitter?


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I have the WS32Z419D. Was very impressed at first (compared to a couple of sami LCDs I had and swiftly returned), but the picture quality is beginning to annoy me now. Not the actual quality of the TV, but the quality of the signal.

According to www.dtg.org.uk I have two transmitters in my area; Blackhill (58km away bearing of 67 degrees, and Darvel 28km bearing of 107 degrees). This website also said that the Darvel transmitter has all freeview channels available.

So, set up my very high gain aerial in my loft, pointed it on a bearing of 107 degrees (actually used a compass!), and hit the autotune feature of the TV. All channels tuned in, no missing ones. "Excellent" I thought, but on checking the 'signal information' feature it turns out that all channels are tuned to the blackhill transmitter, and the signal strentgh rarely gets above 60-65, with a 1-2 bit rate error. Channel 5 is horendous, rarely getting above 52-55!.

How can I manually tune my television to the Darvel aerial?

Samsung service desk says I need to reposition my aerial and that I cant do it from the TV (even though the aerial is pointing on the correct bearing). But I got the feeling that the person didnt know what they were talking about.

Is it because I have a loft aerial? Or can I tell the TV which transmitter to tune to?



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Which town do you live in?
You probably are receiving Darvel...as the following extract from a Daewoo Freeview box FAQ explains.

Q. Why are there discrepancies with the Transmitter info displayed when the Status/Info is selected? For example, although the aerial is directed at one transmitter (low end of band), the Status/Info page shows the programme emanating from a different transmitter (mid to high end of band) and geographically opposite.

This is not a quirk in the software - the receiver will only tell you what it sees coming from your aerial.

DTT does use repeaters, and these do (like the analogue ones) just receive and re-transmit on a different frequency.

There are around 25 "Service Insertion Points" around the country, each adding local content such as news, weather and transmitter information. The data from each "SIP" is then fed to a main transmitter and local repeaters around each region as necessary.

There is only space for one transmitter name in the local content, so the main transmitter name is sent. This is why receivers may "lie" about where the signal is coming from.

A smart Set Top Box will be able to tell you if you are receiving from the main transmitter or a repeater, and it will also be able to select the best signal from all the identical ones it can see.

In the case of the SetPal technology, the "EasyAlt" technology handles all this. It finds and ignores the lesser signals, so ends up with just the ones with the best reception in the channel guide.

SetPal re-makes these "best signal" decisions every time it is put into standby, so you don't need to ask it to re-scan because it's just started to rain and the signal has faded !

In addition to this, any channels received from more than one region will show an icon next to the channel name, and then for each channel you can set which region you would prefer to receive that channel from (you can even select different languages for each channel too - handy if you like local content in your local dialect !).

On the status screens, there is a subtle difference if the reception is from a repeater - the receiver either says "BBC1 from [wherever]" for direct reception from the main transmitter, or "BBC1 originating from [wherever]" for reception from a repeater."



Another factor maybe that your aerial is in the loft, it can work.
But you may get reflection or interference.
This is more the case with digital TV.
If you are looking at analogue then the TV will tune into all channels, so you may find BBC1 on channel one and on channel 8 or 9, (from another transmitter).



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Thanks for the replies guys.

Would getting an amplifier for my aerial (to be inserted in loft as well) help me out any with the 50-65% picture reception I am getting?


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daveycmc said:
Thanks for the replies guys.

Would getting an amplifier for my aerial (to be inserted in loft as well) help me out any with the 50-65% picture reception I am getting?


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