Manual pull down projector screen with large top border


I am looking to get a pull down projector screen (around 70-80 inches) to put up in my living room.

The issue is that I am looking to put it in a bay window which is about 260cm high (I appreciate this will cause light issues, but I have blackout curtains and would rarely if ever watch it during the day). Ideally I would like the screen to be about 1m off the ground.

On the image below, the red dashed line is where the casing will be (it will attach behind the lip in the window, which has a higher ceiling that the rest of the room, which will keep it out of view). The white box is ideally where I'd like the screen to be, it is a rough guess and not a 'to scale' drawing. Ideally 16:9.

So far I can only find screens with a top border of 400 / 500mm, which would leave the screen sitting about 30-40cm higher than where I'd ideally like it to be.

Does anyone know of screens with a wider top border? Or are there any other practical workarounds people could suggest?

I'm looking to spend around £100, but could stretch that if needed. It'll be my first projector screen so any other advice welcome.



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