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This was posted by gissing over on The DVD forums ; I know there's a couple of Mansun fans on here so I thought I'd reproduce it....

From Paul Draper:

Firstly, big apologies for not updating you for such a long time. I will try to keep you informed regularly from now on about future plans for the band and myself - thank you so much for your patience. I'll try and explain why things have been so quiet, and shed a bit of light on the band's split (which was an incredibly difficult decision to make). But more of that later...

Over the past few months I've been working with Parlophone on pulling together the loose ends since the split of the band. What we have decided is that Mansun's fourth album sessions will be released later this year. These recordings will appear in a three CD package, entitled 'Kleptomania'. CD1 will be the fourth album sessions, CD2 will have the best stuff from the EPs (the tracks that weren't ever available on the albums), and CD3 will be rare and unreleased material that we have dug up from the vaults at Abbey Road. I will also be writing detailed sleeve notes for the release which should be out in the autumn of this year.

To explain... at the point of the band's split, we had completed four sessions for the fourth album, and were potentially going to go into the studio again to add a few extra songs. So the album wasn't fully completed as such, although there are more than enough tracks from which the CD1 of the forthcoming set will be compiled. New tracks appearing on 'Kleptomania' will include some of the songs that we played on the final tour in 2002, like 'Slipping Away', 'Keep Telling Myself' and 'Getting Your Way'. A full detailed running order of the whole album will be announced soon and as I get further down the road of putting this record together, I'll put up regular posts informing you of how it's progressing.

So, what else have I been up to? Well, I've started work on my own solo record, but am also busy with a few writing and production collaborations at the moment. I'll be launching an official website of my own in the very near future, where I want to go into a bit more detail about what I've been doing and I'll also keep you informed of what I'm going to be up to in the future.

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