"Mansfield Park" - worst ever adaptation of a book?



Films been out for a couple of years, so those of you who've missed it will have got lucky already, but "Mansfield Park" directed by Patricia Rozema is the worst adapatation of a novel I've ever seen.

Generally nice of course, but tits out in Jayne Austen ....

Then there's the anti-slavery theme the director has, from the slimmest references in the original text, plonked all over the film.


Doe anyone know a worse adaptation of a book?


I know what you mean about Mansfield Park, not exactly how i remembered the book. I think Murder on the Orient Express wasn't as good as the book. What wrecked it for me was Albert Finney as Poirot-David Suchet rocks as Poirot! Finney should stick to Scrooge. (I'm not this obsessive all the time-honest!)

Laura :blush:

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