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very nice display. :thumbsup:
I need to find some way of displaying my hot toy figures,
nowhere available to put a detolf though unfortunately.


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Nice collection. One thing that looks odd is Michael Biehn is so much taller than Sigourney Weaver, they are only an inch different in real life. I actually thought Biehn was smaller as I've seen him stand next to actors I've met and he looks the same height (around 5'8") They all lie on IMDB! Just an observation....

Man on Fire

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I decided to update this thread since it's been quite a while and my collection has changed quite a lot. Hopefully some of you can enjoy the photo's. :)


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very nice display :thumbsup:

do you have two arnie busts or has he just been moved

Steve McQueef

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Some awesome stuff there. Really like the Death Sentence and I Saw the Devil figs and jealous of the The Dude, but I still think that Matilda headsculpt is horrendous and have done, since seeing it on SSF.

Man on Fire

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LOL , it's definitely not perfect but I wouldn't say horrendous !.
As cliche as it's going to sound it looks much better in hand. :rotfl:

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