Mank (Netflix) Movie Review & Comments


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Cheers Kumari.

Fincher does very little wrong let's be honest, and this sounds like it's yet another hit for his CV. Not just from you but elsewhere too.

One to keep an eye on come awards season methinks.


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Enjoyed your review Kumari. I'll watch anything Fincher puts our way, but I have to say, this doesn't quite scream must-see to me. As a Netflix subscriber, I'll still check it out, and Gary Oldman looks to be on good form.


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Thanks for Reviewing this, Kumari. Wouldn't have picked up on this otherwise.
The trailer has me totally hooked already!


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Excellent review! I have a close friend that is an actor in the movie. Watched part of it last night. Incredible visuals for black and white!



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Gary Oldham takes all the applause for me.
Black and white give ls the picture a realism....
Works well.

"As Pascal once said, I would have written a shorter letter if only I had more time" :)


Throughly enjoyable.


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A huge Fincher fan. In fact apart from not going a bundle on Benjamin Button there is not much of his I haven't loved. And I think Citzen Kane really is the masterpiece people claim it is. But I am sorry to say this was a pretentious bore. Just getting the look and feel right isn't everything. It was an unstructured mess. People spoke in statements rather than real conversation and it just meandered at the same emotional level throughout, without going nowhere. A classic case of 'The Emperors's New Clothes.'


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I’ve got to say the first hour was rather confusing almost like Fincher expected you to already know the main players and their motivations which truth be told I didn’t. Then from about the hour mark I really think the movie picked up and became a really interesting character study of a man I knew little about. As has already been pointed out the sound of the movie really added to the period feel. This is definitely a movie I intend to watch again if nothing more than to enjoy the cinematography.


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There is an expectation that we have background knowledge about history when watching this. I have not watched Citizen Kane as found it too dull.

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