maninblack fujitsu p50xha30 with iscan hd ?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by bartbs, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Maninblack, (thank for the reply on the fannoise question) i see you have the fujitsu p50xha30 plasma with a dvdo iscan hd.
    I always read that the fuji has the best internal scaler/deinterlacer. Do you still see improvement with the iscan hd? Don't you get judder (internal framerate convertion of 50hz pal to the 60hz of the plasma)?

    I tried the iscan hd on my Pio503mx. Loved the pq but could not live the the motion judder due to the framerate to 70hz of the Pio.

    Realy want to read your experience since i am about to change from the pio to the fuji. I only never thought that , with this plasma, i would need the iscan hd or any other external scaler. Also no dvi on the fuji i gues.?


    (i tried to mail this question direct to you but i think i did something wrong)

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