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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Setenza, May 15, 2004.

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    I haven't been able to secure a US copy of this film. It was available on the Elite label and was presented in non-anamorphic 1:85:1 ratio. Its main selling point was commentary by Bruce Campbell who is always amusing. I got into a bidding war recently on Ebay recently but bailed out at £47!

    So I purchased from Amazon a Canadian copy distributed by Legacy Entertainment. I was erroneously informed it was identical to the US version. Not so, it' full screen (although possibly open mate). The picture quality is average and the menu and layout very poor and cheap.

    However, it is uncut IE it has the wonderfull "shanking in the shower" sequence in it's entirety. Possibly the best shower sequnce ever filmed in a prison (an entire sub genre in itself)! Also it contains some additional footage featuring Ken Lerner and Leo Rossi as the Mayor and his Aide. I belive this was filmed at a later date, but unlike most fotoage inserted post production, these scenes work quite well.

    I paid $8 for the film and $9 postage. At current exchange rates, this is very cheap. Trying to pick up a French copy of the sequal, which features some excellent stunt work for such a low budget film. Spiros Razota, who recently choreographed all the mayhem seen in Bad Boys 2, handled the double full burn ending!

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